THE trial of a teacher accused of raping two women at a Christmas party continued on Thursday with evidence from prosecution witnesses.

Jack Crosse, who was teaching maths at Llanishen High School in Cardiff, denies the charges against him, which relate to alleged incidents at a party held at Pontypool's Willpower Weightlifting gym.

The 32-year-old defendant, a weightlifter, is alleged to have raped two women he’d never met before when "drunk" during the early hours of December 14, 2019.

Giving evidence, a prosecution witness told the court he had seen Crosse "scanning the room" during the party "as if he wanted to pull".

Crosse was described as "very hands-on" with another woman at the party and the witness saw him kissing one of the complainants.

The defendant was also described as "talking to a few girls that evening in a way that was very sexually orientated".

Clare Wilks, prosecuting, asked the witness how he viewed Crosse's comments and behaviour during the party.

"I thought it was quite inappropriate," he told the court.

Later during the party, the witness said he saw the other complainant "grab her belongings" and leave.

"She seemed very startled," he told the court. "She's normally very bubbly, smiley person. She was the antithesis of that when she came to collect her belongings."

Kevin Seal, defending, challenged the witness' account and alleged there was "jealousy" between him and the defendant.

"You were privy to conversations [Crosse] was having with other girls," Mr Seal put to the witness. "In this noisy gym were you eavesdropping?"

"I was paying attention," he replied.

"The truth is, you weren't privy to any conversations, you didn't hear any sexual remarks, you just decided to take sides when you made your statement to police in February," Mr Seal said.

"That's incorrect," the witness replied.

Given the witness said one of the complainants wasn't her normal "bubbly" self when she left the party, Mr Seal asked him: "Why did you not speak to her?"

"I wish I had," the witness told the court.

"This is just made up, isn't it?" Mr Seal asked.

"Absolutely not," the witness replied.

Crosse is alleged to have raped one of the women after they had engaged in a consensual sex act.

It is claimed the defendant also forced himself upon the other complainant, pulled her trousers down and raped her twice.

Earlier in the trial, Ms Wilks said: "The prosecution say the defendant, drunk as he was, couldn’t care less whether they were consenting or not and that he was determined to do what he wanted to do to each of them.

"The prosecution say that those acts amount to acts of rape and that he knew that."

Crosse, of Heol Ysgubor, Caerphilly, denies three counts of rape and claims any sexual activity with the complainants was consensual.

The trial before Judge Michael Fitton QC continues.