A JURY is continuing its deliberations in the trial of the founder of neo-Nazi group National Action (NA), who is accused of being a member after the organisation was banned.

Alex Davies, 27, of Swansea, is on trial accused of being a member of the proscribed organisation NA, after it was banned on December 16 2016.

Barnaby Jameson QC, prosecuting, has told the trial at Winchester Crown Court that the UK Government banned the group after it had “terrorised” towns across the country with its call for an “all-out race war”.

Davies is accused of setting up NS131 – which stood for National Socialist Anti-Capitalist Action and which itself was later banned by the Government – as a continuity group.

The defendant has told the court that NS131 was not set up as a continuation of NA and had different aims and processes.

He said that after the ban he was involved in “advancing the cause of national socialism, not the cause of a continuity NA”.

And he added: “After proscription all I am interested in is pursuing legal political activities.”

Davies denies membership of a proscribed organisation between December 17 2016 and September 27 2017.