A HISTORIC Welsh castle has announced the first events on its calendar ahead of opening to the public for the first time this month.

Work is currently ongoing at Hay Castle in Hay-on-Wye, which has been undergoing a decade-long restoration.

On its reopening, the public will be able to go inside for the first time in the castle's 900-year history.

Its opening will coincide with Hay Festival, which is running from May 6 to June 5, but the castle also has its own events in the pipeline that will allow visitors to explore the landmark.

Here is a list of the events due to take place during the festival:

1. Shakespeare’s Globe on Tour – Julius Caesar

A new collaboration with Shakespeare’s Globe brings nine performances of Julius Caesar to a specially commissioned open-air theatre at the newly renovated Hay Castle.

The travelling company of actors will bring Shakespeare’s political thriller to life with a stripped back production made fresh for our world today.

Touring has been a longstanding tradition at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, since the tours of the Elizabethan Lord Chamberlain’s Men.

Shakespeare’s versatile troupe toured frequently in the summer especially when there was a plague or political unrest.

Shakespeare’s Globe has now established a world-renowned reputation for highly ambitious and economical Shakespearean storytelling in the rough and ready fashion of Elizabethan times.

“We are so delighted to be able to finally come to the Hay Festival to perform against the breath-taking backdrop of Hay Castle,” said Shakespeare’s Globe.

2. The Lord Chamberlain’s Men as you like it

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men – with a history stretching back to Shakespeare himself – invite you to join them for a sparkling comedy.

One of the UK’s finest touring theatre companies, they present this great play as Shakespeare first saw it performed: in the open air, by an all-male cast and with Elizabethan costumes, music, and dance.

3. After Hours: Director’s Tour

Visit Hay Castle’s inaugural exhibition, Portraits of Writers, where Tom True, director of Hay Castle, will give a ten-minute introduction to the exhibition followed by a question-and-answer session in the gallery.

Portraits of Writers is the inaugural exhibition at Hay Castle, newly opened to the public after a major restoration project.

The display, selected from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery by guest curator, author and journalist Dylan Jones, brings together a range of portraits of celebrated British individuals who identify as writers.

The golden thread is the theme of identity, both individual and collective.

The exhibition presents a range of methods and approaches used by artists to capture the complex identities of writers, including gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, national and regional identity, migration, and colonisation.

Writers depicted include Riz Ahmed, Simon Armitage, Salman Rushdie, and Bernardine Evaristo.

Find all days and times for events on the Hay Castle website.