PUBLIC Health Wales have announced that they will stop releasing Covid stats every day and will switch to weekly updates.

From Thursday, May 26, the daily reporting will cease and there will instead be weekly releases at 12pm every Thursday.

After PCR testing sites were closed, the amount of positive cases reported daily dropped dramatically.

However, mortality rates showed that the virus is still present in Wales.

The new data releases will reflect this, with hospitalisations, mortality, vaccinations, and Covid reports from the health services being the main focus going forward.

Public Health Wales will also stop publishing daily Covid data on their social media accounts and instead direct people to look on the Public Health Wales website for the most current information.

What the new dashboard will include:

  • Headline summary.  Key headline figures for hospital admissions, deaths, PCR and LFD testing, and syndromic surveillance
  • Hospitalisation.  A summary of data relating to hospital admissions, sourced though ICNET
  • Mortality surveillance.  A summary of Public Health Wales rapid mortality, alongside mortality records from the Office for National Statistics.  
  • PCR and LFD testing surveillance.  A summary of PCR and LFD testing and trends.
  • Variant Surveillance.  A summary of cases reported in Wales by variant.
  • Syndromic surveillance.  A summary of NHS direct and 111 calls and GP consultation rate.
  • Vaccinations.  A summary of vaccination data.
  • Reports and notes on interpretation.  This will include links to other public reports published by Public Health Wales.