A CHARITY turning a former block of public toilets in Newport into a cafe is looking for a person or organisation to run it.

Maindee Unlimited is a charity set up to protect community assets and transform the area of newport into a sustainable community.

It has been working on renovating the former 1930s public toilets in Maindee Triangle - a scrap of land between Chepstow Road and Livingston Place - including building a patio with a retractable awning, green space, a storeroom, and a full servery area.

When the work is completed the site will become a cafe.

Planning permission for the retractable awning was given back in February, as it was necessary to include the feature in case of any return of Covid.

Maindee Unlimited believe that the cafe space is perfect for a "summer pop-up" and are "looking for the right person to step forward and fulfill the initial six-month lease."

The cafe is intended to be the main hub of the area once it is up and running.

Maindee Unlimited have a lease for the land for 99 years.

To find out more, visit the Maindee Unlimited website here.