THE UK Government seems to be unable to shake the partygate scandal and, with Sue Gray now having given her full report to the prime minister, we have looked back at the human cost coronavirus wrought in Gwent while Downing Street made merry.

The full report has been published today.

The timeline of partygate events will likely be familiar reading to many, but this interactive graphic shows just what happened during the lockdown of 2020 and 2021.

Using data from, we have put together a chart of how many Gwent residents were lost to coronavirus in the weeks of the various Downing Street parties.

The data for Wales is only week-specific, so some events fall within the same week's data.

You can see from the graph above that, during the week in which around 20 staff - including Boris and Carrie Johnson - attended the Downing Street garden for an event that included cheese and wine, 29 people in Gwent lost their lives.

The highest number of coronavirus deaths in Gwent during party-gate came during the same time that a second Christmas party was held in Downing Street.

Sixty-three people from Gwent lost their lives that week.

Fifty-three more died the week of the first (known) Christmas party at Number 10.

In total, while the prime minister and his staff partied, 197 people died across Gwent.

Families in Caerphilly were the hardest hit, with 55 deaths registered. Newport recorded 43 and Torfaen 41. Monmouthshire recorded 30 deaths, while Blaenau Gwent recorded 28.

If you have lost someone to coronavirus during the pandemic, there is Welsh government support available here.