PUPILS at Castle Park Primary School in Caldicot were joined by Newport East Senedd member John Griffiths to celebrate Walk to School week.

The initiative, part of National Walking Month, is aimed at school children across the country promoting the benefits of walking and cycling to school.

Mr Griffiths said: “Walking and playing outdoors has so many benefits. It not only reduces our carbon footprint, traffic and congestion on our busy roads, but it also helps keep down fuel bills for families.

“The long term benefits for our children are more profound. Walking to school not only improves health & wellbeing, but it gives them the freedom and confidence to get to know their own neighbourhood.”

Claire Orford, headteacher at Castle Park, said: “Since Covid walking and cycling to school has been even more important especially for the children’s wellbeing and active lifestyle.

“Some of them come with their friends and it does help them when they come into school because they’ve had that fresh air and they’ve been able to talk while not been stuck in a car.

“I think that helps the majority of our children when it comes to learning as soon as they come through the doors.”

Poppy, a pupil in Year 4, regularly cycles to school and told Mr Griffiths: “We’re able to save money on fuel by cycling into school and it’s also better for the environment.”

Meanwhile Rhys in Year 6 loves cycling to school as enjoys the daily journey with his friends.

He said: “Cycling is much more sustainable for the environment because there’s no carbon emissions from my bike.”

Active Travel in Wales is a key priority for both Welsh Government and Monmouthshire County Council. It is defined as a journey made to or from a place of work or education on foot or via bicycle.