A PASSENGER fell ill on a train between Cardiff and Newport this morning, prompting an urgent message over the speaker system, asking whether there was "a doctor on board".

Fortunately, there was, and a doctor was able to assist the passenger before the Great Western Railway service pulled into Newport station.

There, the patient was taken off the train in a wheelchair and transferred over to waiting paramedics.

The incident happened on board the 7.20am Swansea to London Paddington service, and the urgent message was relayed to passengers shortly after the train departed from Cardiff Central at 8.18am.

A passenger aboard that train told the Argus he heard a message over the speakers, asking if there was a doctor on board.

Then, as the train reached Newport, a member of station staff was seen running along the platform, saying they were calling 999.


A Great Western Railway spokesperson confirmed "a customer was taken ill" aboard the train.

"As is standard procedure, a message was relayed over the tannoy requesting medical assistance should a doctor be on board," he added.

"A doctor was able to assist before the customer was taken off the train by wheelchair at Newport, where ambulance paramedics were waiting."

Welsh Ambulance Service said it had received a callout to the reported "medical emergency" at 8.30am.

"We sent one emergency ambulance to the scene and one person was taken to the Grange University Hospital for further treatment," a spokesperson said.

No further information about the patient's condition is available.