PRESSURE is mounting on the Welsh Government to improve the safety of a busy Monmouthshire road deemed “not fit for purpose”, with residents suggesting a roundabout could solve the problem.

It comes after another crash happened on a stretch of the A40 in Raglan on Saturday, June 4, which saw three people taken to hospital for treatment.

Raglan Community Council has raised concerns over safety on the road numerous times, in particular at two points.

These are the road junction crossing the A40 at Raglan between Monmouth Road and Groesenon Road – which was the location of Saturday’s crash – and an area where pedestrians cross the dual carriageway to visit the castle.

Calls have also been made to reduce the speed limit of the A40 from 70mph to 50mph.

Julian Dyer, who lives near Raglan and is a community councillor for neighbouring Mitchel Troy, says significant changes need to be made.

“It’s been going on for years,” he told the Argus.

“We’ve had meetings with Raglan Community Council and Peter Fox – most recently in December last year.

“It wouldn’t cost the Welsh Government much money to make it safer, but it’s that right turn crossing the A40 which is not fit for purpose.

“A roundabout could solve the issues there or just close off the junction completely.”

Mr Dyer added that people in Raglan are scared to use the junction because of how fast cars drive past.

“You’ve got people that are genuinely afraid to use it – they’re afraid to let their children use it,” he said.

“The speed people do along the road is horrendous too – I don’t understand what allows it all to continue.”

Among the other suggestions from residents was to consider reducing the road from a dual-carriageway to a single-carriageway.

Following Saturday’s crash, Raglan Community Council confirmed it would be writing to the Welsh Government’s deputy minister for climate change and road safety, Lee Waters.

“The Chair and members of Raglan Community Council would like to offer their best wishes to all those involved in the accident on Saturday on the A40.

“The Community Council will be writing again for a site meeting with the relevant officers from the relevant authorities.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson previously said: “The Welsh Government takes road safety seriously and routinely monitors personal injury collusion records from the Police with the aim of identifying the need for improvements to safety.

“We plan to carry out a safety study at Dingestow junction during the next financial year and will take into account pedestrian safety at all crossing points on the A40 through Raglan.”

The Deputy Minister for Climate Change with responsibility for Transport, Lee Waters said: “We await the Police report from the incident that occurred on Saturday.

"We plan to undertake a safety study on this stretch of road when funding becomes available.”