Glass recycling company Recresco has secured four lucrative local Welsh council contracts for the reprocessing of council collected waste glass.

The contracts will see Recresco reprocessing mixed glass from local commercial and residential kerbside collections at Torfaen, Powys, Cardiff and Newport councils.

The collected glass will be sorted and processed between Recresco’s state-of-the-art Cwmbran and Ellesmere Port depots with end use at Torfaen-based Knauf Insulation for the manufacture of fibreglass for the construction industry and Cheshire-based Encirc for remelt into new glass bottles and containers.

The contracts will see a combined total of more than 18,000 tonnes of commercial and residential collected mixed bottle glass go through Recresco facilities: approximately 4,500 tonnes from Newport in conjunction with Wastesavers Ltd, 2,500 from Torfaen, 4,200 tonnes from Powys and 7,000 tonnes from Cardiff Councils per annum .

Recresco, which is headquartered in Nottingham, boasts some of the most advanced glass recycling facilities in the UK.

The company has made substantial investments in market leading sorting and processing machinery from Sesotec and Impact Air Systems among others in recent years.

Recresco business development manager Fraser Macintyre said: “We are proud to work with councils to support local and regional economies. By recycling glass, we can help councils meet their circular economy goals, reducing carbon emissions and keeping glass out of landfill.

“At Recresco, we use the latest glass sorting technology resulting in high quality recycled product and minimum waste.

“Collected glass will be processed and sorted at both of our facilities in Cwmbran and Ellesmere Port for use at Knauf Insulation, a large employer in the Torfaen region, and Encirc for the manufacture of new glass bottles and containers. We look forward to working with Torfaen, Powys, Cardiff and Newport and to assisting with waste management services in these communities.”