AN AWARD-winning distillery in the Wye Valley has unveiled a new sustainable gin refill scheme.

Silver Circle Distillery, in Catbrook, has unveiled three new ways for trade customers and members of the public to refill bottles of its most popular, award-winning gin. 

The new refill and reuse initiatives were revealed on World Refill Day on Thursday, June 16, a global public awareness campaign, which aims to make it easier for people to find places to eat, drink and shop with less waste.

Now, after customers have purchased their first bottle of Silver Circle Distillery Wye Valley Gin (£40), customers will be able to refill the pretty glass bottles in one of three different ways:

  • Online customers can purchase one of the distillery’s brand-new, 50cl refill cans (£28). Made from aluminium, the can is much lighter to transport and carries a much smaller carbon footprint than the original bottle;
  • Walk-in customers at the Silver Circle Tasting Room on Moor Street in Chepstow town centre can bring back their empty 70cl bottle of Wye Valley Gin, and have it refilled in-house with a discount (£35);
  • Hospitality customers can buy the gin at trade prices in reusable five litre jerry cans to refill their original bottle for use on the bar, instead of buying a whole new case of glass bottles.

Wye Valley Gin is Silver Circle Distillery’s best-selling product and was awarded a Great Taste Award in 2021.

The new refill and reuse options for Wye Valley Gin follow a recent study, commissioned by City to Sea (the organisation behind World Refill Day) which suggested that 91 per cent of Welsh consumers would like to see more refill and reuse options available.

Silver Circle co-founder Joe Howden said: “As a distillery we are always looking at ways that we can make our offering more sustainable.

"One of the things that we kept hearing from our customers buying Wye Valley Gin, was that they loved the bottle, but it felt kind of wrong to just throw it in the recycling bin after they’d drunk the contents. 

"With our new refill scheme, they will only ever have to purchase the original glass bottle once and can simply refill it one of three ways – saving on waste and reducing the carbon footprint.”

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