If there’s one task we all know we should undertake, but, for whatever reason, we keep putting off, it is drawing up our last will and testament. How many of us are guilty of thinking about it but never taking action?

Another equally important task, which we tend to put on the back burner, is organising a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), again, a task which is best done sooner rather than later.

Both of the above are tied up with some pretty complex emotions revolving around our health and mortality. That’s why, when you have summoned up the strength to undertake either writing a will or organising an LPA, it is important that you choose a firm of solicitors which understands the emotional side of the process as well as the legal aspects.

At Roger James Clements & Partners (RJCP), a family firm with 50 years of experience in LPAs and will writing, they pride themselves in having the necessary empathy to put people at ease and to guide them through the process.

When it comes to the drawing up of wills and LPAs, RJCP can call on the skills of solicitor Becky Lane, who complements her extensive legal expertise in this area with an innate understanding of how emotional it can be for someone writing their will or drawing up a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Becky joined the firm in May 2021 following the completion of her Training Contract at a local firm in Cwmbran, and now works within RJCP’s Private Client department assisting clients in the preparation of wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys and in probate matters.

With so many online sites claiming to offer a simple solution when drawing up a will, what an online will writing service may not provide is a high level of empathy and guidance from an expert in the field such as Becky, who can take you through the will writing process, step by step, ensuring that the wording of the will delivers exactly the desired outcome on your passing.

Since joining Roger James Clements & Partners, Becky has been impressed by level of trust families place with RJCP, with generations within the same family calling on the firm’s services.

Becky said: “Initially, people will call on our expertise with regards to conveyancing, then over the years we have become the family’s solicitors, with different generations calling on us for other services such as drawing up a will or a LPA.

“The fact that we get such a high level of repeat business is testament to how highly regarded the firm is, and it is a great privilege to be able to carry on that tradition.”

Established in 1972, Roger James Clements & Partners are a family-run firm spanning two generations.  This provides continuity of personnel and a personal touch that perhaps sets them apart from other firms. 

Roger James Clements & Partners understand that value for money is a fundamental cornerstone for the provision of legal services and clients receive the best possible service in all areas with simple and transparent fee structures.  There is never small print or any hidden extras. 

“Our aim is to ensure that every new client becomes a lifelong client.”

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