I know that families across Torfaen are really struggling with the cost of living at the moment: everything is going up - food, fuel, cost of heating homes – and it’s really hitting people’s pockets.

Labour has long called for a windfall tax on the excess profits of big energy firms, who have been benefitting through the hike in energy prices.

For instance, Shell recently announced a ‘momentous year’ with profits of £12 billion in the last quarter of 2021.

We had to drag the UK government kicking and screaming to take some action. So I am pleased that the Chancellor has finally been forced to act – and take forward Labour’s idea.

But his plan doesn’t go anywhere near far enough and families will still be struggling to pay the bills – so Labour will keep working hard and fighting to get more money in people’s pockets.

I know that is what the people of Torfaen expect.

When I was out campaigning in the recent local elections, people told me they are not impressed by the track record of Boris Johnson and his Conservative government. Many have been rightly appalled by the law breaking and deception of the Prime Minister.

I was pleased by the strong result for Labour candidates in our community, so many of whom have been working hard in their communities during the pandemic and this cost-of-living crisis, to help their local residents.

At a time when things are hard for families, I was also delighted that the Welsh Labour government has confirmed additional investment for free music education to be offered in schools.

Just like sport, arts and culture, music can be a hugely enriching activity for young people, unlocking talent and wider interests and developing key life skills. Gwent Music do fantastic work locally, and I’m pleased those opportunities will now be available to more young people.

I spoke recently on South Wales’ new online radio station SW20 about our huge musical heritage in Torfaen, and about the importance of music to me. I’m glad that heritage is in safe hands under these plans.

Lastly, on the subject of radio stations, it was a pleasure to visit ABLE Radio in Cwmbran, to see the great work they do supporting and empowering disabled people with their creative media facilities. They give people a louder voice within our community, so thank you to everyone involved.