A FAMILY with a five-year-old son face having to move back into a house they feel is unfit for a child to live in following a fire earlier this week.

Jamie Poole, his parter Ellis and son Parker live in Masefield Road, Caldicot, in a Monmouthshire Housing Association flat.

South Wales Argus:

On Tuesday, June 14, Mr Poole and his family were having dinner at his grandmother's house when he received a call saying smoke was coming from his kitchen back home.

"The microwave had caught fire in its own," he explained. "We think it could have been a power surge.

"Luckily we’ve got good neighbours."

South Wales Argus:

Mr Poole said that the house had suffered smoke damage and that there was soot everywhere. Tiles had also been cracked.

"The ceiling is black. Cupboards have melted," he said.

But despite this, Mr Poole says a building surveyor told him it was fine for he and his family to move back into.

"They’re full of rubbish," he said.

Mr Poole and his family have been living in a hotel since the fire and have been told that their stay is due to end on Friday morning (June 17).

"The house is in a state. It’s not acceptable," Mr Poole said.

South Wales Argus:

Speaking on Thursday, a spokesperson for Monmouthshire Housing Association said: "We are working closely with the family to make sure they can move back into their home as quickly as possible with minimal disturbance.

"Work is ongoing to make sure their home is safe and ready for them to return tomorrow.

"We will continue to discuss this with them to make sure they are supported."