A CHEPSTOW teenager who is living with a life-threatening brain tumour remains determined to complete the one item he has put on his bucket list - an autograph from Dr Who themself.

Noah Herniman, 16, is well-known in the town for his fundraising exploits.

He was also named the 'Achiever of the year' at the South Wales Argus Pride of Gwent Awards in 2019.

South Wales Argus:

Noah, who suffers from a condition called neurofibromatosis, was last year diagnosed with an inoperable tumour at the core of his brain.

Neurofibromatosis is a condition where tumours grow on a person’s nerve tissues. It also results in a depleted immune system, heightening the risk posed by illnesses such as coronavirus.

A massive Dr Who fan, Noah even helped to organise a Children in Need day at his school themed around his favourite show.

His mum, Shelley, said that meeting a former Doctor is the only thing which has been on Noah's bucket list.

"That is all he has ever asked for," she said, explaining that Noah and his dad even travelled all the way to Bristol earlier this week - where the show was being filmed - in the hope of meeting David Tennant, who is returning to the role for a special appearance to be broadcast next year.

However, sadly it wasn't to be on this occasion.

Recently, Noah has been undergoing a "brutal" round of chemotherapy, which remains the only treatment available for his condition.

"He has spent his time at home and hospital," Ms Herniman said.

"His treatment has been brutal, causing neuropathy in his legs leading to the use of a wheelchair.

"When you are in the position we are in it becomes clear that every moment is crucial to making memories."

One way the family are hoping to do that is through funding a purpose-built cabin for families in a similar position to take time away from hospital.

Ms Herniman said that Noah had told her "you don’t look back on life and say 'I remember when I was sat at home or when I was in hospital'".

She said that most memories come from holidays or days out.

South Wales Argus:

"When people are undergoing treatment, terminal or in pallative care, making memories with your loved ones is imperative," she said.

"Leaving people with good memories to look back on is a gift in itself."

There are currently places available for people to achieve this, but Ms Herniman explained that the volume of sick people outweighs the availability.

"Taking the pressure off people to finance their own breaks during this time is huge, as so many people at this point have given up work," she said.

"Noah is determined that he wants this to happen."

The family have set up a JustGiving page to raise money for Noah's cabin dream.

To donate - visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/shelleynoah-herniman