Chief Secretary to the Treasury Simon Clarke MP visited Magor Brewery to coincide with National Beer Day.

During the visit, the Minister toured the Budweiser Brewing Group’s brewery to discover more about the installation and operation of the world’s largest wort cooler, which is four-times the size of a standard wort cooler in a similar scale brewery with a surface area the size of a football field.

The new equipment has resulted in a six per cent reduction in energy usage at the site.

During the production of beer, unfermented wort, or the bittersweet natural juice obtained by mashing the malt and boiling in the hops, needs to be cooled down prior to fermentation. The new wort cooler at Magor Brewery will chill three million pints of beer each day, and the increase in capacity will allow the brewer to bring its much-loved beer to even more people across the UK.

This is the latest addition to Budweiser Brewing Group’s sustainability practices.

Magor already receives 80 per cent of its electricity from solar farms and 20 per cent of its electricity direct from a single wind turbine, which is among the largest in the UK.

Last year, the brewer announced the exploration the deployment of zero emission green hydrogen at its Magor Brewery. This project envisages hydrogen production facilities that will include a battery, hydrogen storage unit and a hydrogen refueling stations used for HGVs.

These collective initiatives are contributing towards Budweiser Brewing Group’s ambition of achieving net zero brewing operations at scale by 2026 at its UK breweries, as part of its Global goal of reaching net zero across its value chain by 2040.

Magor Brewery, which brews beers including Budweiser, Stella Artois and Bud Light, is a significant employer, with 500 people working across the site, which has been brewing since 1979. T

The minister then joined brewery manager Lloyd Manship on a behind-the-scenes tour.

Simon Clarke said: “It was great to visit the site, and to hear first-hand about impact of the recent £72m investment at the site. This site is making a real difference in the local area, creating jobs, helping to level up, and enabling the brewer to drive forward their ambitious plans to reach net zero by 2026.”

Lloyd Manship, brewery manager, said: “We are delighted to have welcomed the minister to the brewery to find out more about the technology we’re using to help us on our incredible sustainability journey. It was a great opportunity to hear about our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and the innovations we’re introducing to reach our sustainability goals.”