IMPROVEMENTS at Lliswerry Pond in Newport have meant it is now far easier for wheelchair users to visit.

This is part of continuing efforts to improve the pond, which is overseen by Angling Watch UK.

Soon there will be a security fence and cabins built to host lessons for schoolchildren.

Angling Watch UK often works with disablity groups, including wheelchair users at the pond and there are bars on one part of the bank to stop wheelchairs from falling in while occupants are fishing.

However, until recently the path to this area was essentially just a track and frequently got muddy, which is not particularly wheelchair friendly.

A new path has been laid out over the track to make sure everyone can enjoy the pond equally.

It stretches from the entrance all the way beyond the the cabin that Angling Watch UK operate from.


Angling Watch UK chairman, Ben Edmunds, said: "It was important to make the path up here more wheelchair accessible because we've got the platform for them.

"With the disabled groups we have over, and we have a few in wheelchairs, this is just to give them that bit more extra safety.

"We wanted to make them safe and give easy access to the cabin where we can assist them."

The path cost £3,000 to lay down and the grant was donated by the Bruce Wake Charitable Trust.

The Bruce Wake Chairtable Trust focuses on assisting the provision of leisure activities for the physically disabled.