EE customers were reporting issues with the service on Wednesday afternoon.

They ran into problems when making using their mobile phones to make calls and using data.

According to Downdetector, issues began at around 12.25pm with users taking to social media to complain about the problem.

Problems were recorded by EE users across the UK on Downdetector including in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Of the problems reported, 67% relate to problems with mobile Internet while 21% is related to having no signal.

A further 12% is related to a total blackout of the service.

EE has posted to Twitter to make users aware that it knows about the problem, writing: “We are sorry that a number of our customers are having trouble using our mobile services. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and will keep this thread updated.”

EE users complain about problems with phone signal and data issues

Customers of the phone company have expressed their thoughts on Twitter.

One wrote: “Is EE network down for everyone?? #EE”

Another said: “Come on @EE I don’t pay OVER £100 a month to not be able to use my mobile unless im in the house on WiFi. Anyone else getting nothing when they leave the house? #EE #EEDown”

A third said: “Tell me why I’m paying £40 a month for my data to be down all day. Thanks to EE I couldn’t log my remote work platform today @EE not good enough.”

What is error 38 on EE and how can you fix it?

EE customers are also struggling with error 38, an issue that means the network isn’t working correctly and suggests that it could be an issue that lasts a relatively long time.

To fix it, customers can try the following steps:

Solution 1: Check that your phone doesn't have Airplane Mode switched on.

Solution 2: Give your device a reboot.

Solution 3: Turn your phone off and remove the SIM card.

Solution 4: If you know someone who also uses EE, ask if they are experiencing the same problem as you.