A NURSE in Gwent has had a series of conditions imposed upon her practice, as a Nursing and Midwifery Council investigation continues.

Appearing before a virtual hearing on Friday, May 27, Kaleigh Noakes, a registered mental health nurse, was given a series of interim conditions on her practice, which apply for the next 18 months.

Miss Noakes, who registered as a nurse in March 2018, is currently understood to be working in the Gwent area.

Indeed, one of the conditions imposed upon Ms Noakes by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is that she “must limit her practice to Central Surgery Nursing Home, Tredegar”.

She is also prohibited from administering medication unsupervised until she has been formally assessed as competent on behalf of her employer, by another registered nurse.

That assessment outcome should then be sent to the NMC case officer “as soon as it is completed”.

Miss Noakes is also required to meet with a supervisor – who must be a registered nurse, at least weekly, in order to discuss her performance in regards to:

  • Medication management and administration;
  • Record keeping;
  • Professionalism and professional boundaries;
  • Safeguarding practice.

The panel also determined that Miss Noakes must keep the NMC informed of training completed, changes to work situations, and details of training being undertaken.

This includes making the NMC aware of any clinical incidents, investigations, or disciplinary proceedings taken.

According to a report published by the NMC, “The panel decided to make this interim order for a period of 18 months to allow the NMC sufficient time to complete its investigation.”

The interim order is set to be “reviewed before the end of the next six months and every six months thereafter.”

Continuing, the report details that the order has been put in place while the NMC investigate allegations made against Miss Noakes.

However, the NMC has declined to detail the allegations made at this time, saying: “Referrals to us are confidential, and we can only talk about our investigations if and when case examiners reach a decision that there’s a case to answer.”

Meanwhile, the report concluded, saying: “The NMC case examiners are yet to decide whether there is a case to answer in relation to the allegations made against Miss Noakes.”