THERE are few things more disappointing than when your favourite restaurant closes its doors for the final time.

It can be a pain to strive to find somewhere new to treat yourself to some tasty grub, and some can never find somewhere that hit the heights of the old favourite.

Over the years, Newport has seen many restaurants come and go, so it is only natural that residents will miss the ones that leave and never return.

The Argus asked readers what restaurants they most miss in Newport and there was a lot of responses.

Fratelli Restaurant

South Wales Argus:

Argus readers seemed to miss Fratelli's in particular, with several comments made on the quality of the restaurant.

The restaurant, which used to be on Caerleon Road, was praised by Derek Turner for its "great food" and "wonderful atmosphere."

Carolyn Powell described the restaurant as "absolutely fabulous" and Wayne Paul said that it was his "favourite place of all."

Deborah Lane said: "Steak and red wine sauce with garlic like I’ve never had anywhere else.

"Atmosphere fab, some lovely memories."

Rocky's Restaurant

South Wales Argus:

Another popular choice for Argus readers, Rocky's specialised in American-style dining.

The venue was renowned for its burgers, something that was echoed by Jason Mountfield who said: "Every burger since has failed to measure up."

Karen Thomas echoed this when she said: "Rocky's was the best burgers ever tasted."

Paquita Sanges summed it all up by saying: "Rocky's was the best."

Peachy Keens

South Wales Argus:

Peachy Keens had a mixed response from readers.

Although many referenced it as a restaurant they will miss, there were some with less than positive stories.

Alsion Davey said: "My colleagues and I all got food poisoning there!"

Kelly Blake said: "Had a wedding reception there in 2013.

"Sadly, the marriage went the same way as the restaurant. An epic fail."


South Wales Argus:

Chez-Giovanni also had a fair amount of admirers, with the Italian restaurant having a rather unique item on the menu.

David West said that he "loved the frog's legs" and lamented that he can't find them anywhere else.

Christine Sharpe said: "I loved that place. Steaks and sauces to die for.

"[It] was on my doorstep. So sad they closed."

There were many other restaurants that readers mentioned including, Scarlet's, the Princess Tea Rooms, Wimpy and the Golden Egg.

Are there any more closed restaurants that would improve Newport if they were to return?

Send us your pictures and comment down below with your favourite now-closed Newport restaurants.