NEWPORT duo, Oxbowlake, recently dropped their summer single.

Louis Theroux was released last Friday (July 22) by Oxbowlake which is made up of Newport musicians Gavin Rees and Neil Cooper.

The single – which was written in lockdown – addresses how “a lot of people were with their partners under their feet and arguing about ridiculous things”.

Here's what I think of the single:

When I spoke to Oxbowlake about Louis Theroux they said they “hope people find joy in it” and it delivered.

With powerful singing, and a folksy upbeat tune, the song had me dancing and smiling from the very first listen - despite the lyrics alluding to a couple arguing in lockdown.

In my experience the first listen of a song can often be hit and miss; often a song has to grow on me rather than me loving it instantly.

But Louis Theroux is among the exceptions and - in my opinion - was an instant hit.

The lyrics – which reflect on being stuck at home in lockdown – are relatable yet witty; despite acknowledging difficulties many couples faced in lockdown the single also has amusing moments.

For example, the line “I was right – at least this time” is reminiscent of how many couples operate, particuarly during the tension of lockdowns, while the reference to watching "s*** TV" is something most will remember from being stuck in the house.

Along with the single, Oxbowlake dropped a video.

The video includes the lyrics but - rather than digitally put them on screen - the band members danced around in summery clothes holding placards.

The video is creatively done and impossible to watch without smiling; along with the music it creates a cheerful summery vibe which will get people on their feet and dancing about.

Be warned though, Louis Theroux is extremely catchy and - after just a few listens - I hope my neighbours appreciate my off-key singing!

Louis Theroux by Oxbowlake is now available on streaming services.