THIS year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe is just a few days away from getting under way - but comedy fans can get a taste of the talent on show right here in Newport.

Shameless Promotions has been hosting Edinburgh preview shows at The Phyllis Maud Performance Space in Pill - a unique performance space which was once a public toilet block - throughout June and July, with the final event of the season coming this Sunday, July 31.

Appearing at the small events space - which was founded by Janet Martin in 2019 and seats up to 35 people - will be Tom Mayhew, with his new show Trash Rash, along with Chris Chopping, who will perform Lovely Boy Successful Well Done.

Events planner for Shameless Promotions Ellie Chopping said they had put on events at the theatre before the pandemic, and hoped comedy fans in Newport would come out.

“Its such a hidden gem in the area," she said. "I urge the community to have a look whenever they get the chance as it is a real under-used asset to Newport.

South Wales Argus: Tickets are 7 pounds for the eventTickets are 7 pounds for the event


“Its so quirky and has a lot of character, its unbelievable what Jan has managed to do with it from the outside it looks tiny, and you can’t imagine room for performances.

“When you go inside it transforms and it makes sense as its such an intimate space for everyone and is nice and close to the action.”

She added: “Since getting back into the swing and finally having the confidence and lack of restrictions to try again this year and it done well but hasn’t sold out as quickly as before.

“Its hard to say if its just about rebuilding momentum or reminding everyone that it is there. We have had exceptional feedback from both audience and performers.

“We are hoping that we can fill up for the last night of the run, I know the theatre is going to be around pleasing audience for a long time.

South Wales Argus: Previous events Shameless events have hosted at the theatrePrevious events Shameless events have hosted at the theatre

“Next year we plan to run more previews and hope it will become part of the annual calendar for any comedy fans as we have had some amazing talent come this year.

“I will certainly be yelling from the rooftops to anyone who will listen to how much I love the gorgeous little venue.”

A spokesperson for Shameless Promotions said: “We’re so pleased to be giving Newport the chance to catch some of the UK’s top comedy talent right on their doorstep and in such a beautiful, cosy and quirky performance space.

"It’s not often you can such an up-close, front-row seat for these acts doing their whole hour without making the trip up north of the border. When you think that for each night of the season you’ll be catching not just one, but two shows, for any comedy fans in Newport and South Wales this is really not to be missed.”

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