WE ARE lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of Wales where the countryside is just a short drive away.

So, if you are looking for something to do this weekend why not try this walk?

River Usk and Llanwenarth Walk

This is a moderate walk which should take about two hours to complete. It is four miles (6.4 km).

South Wales Argus:

1. Leave the south west corner of Byefield Lane car park (there may be a charge for parking here) and walk south west across Castle Meadows to Usk Bridge.

2. Ascend to the road, cross and descend 17 steps on the west side to the river bank.

3. Pass through two metal gates and follow the path westwards along the river bank.

4. Cross a foot bridge.

5. Cross a stile into a wooded area with a hill to the right. Take care as the river has eroded the bank and there is a drop to the left at this point.

South Wales Argus: Peaceful: Castle Meadow at Abergavenny looking towards the Blorenge. Picture: Louise Jane, South Wales Argus Camera Club

 Picture: Louise Jane, South Wales Argus Camera Club

6. Cross the large foot bridge and continue along the river bank.

7. After a further footbridge and stiles, turn right heading north east with the field boundary to your right towards Llanwenarth.

8. Three more stiles bring you onto the tarmac road at Llanwenarth.

9. Turn right here, past the church and eastwards towards Abergavenny.

10. Take the right hand fork in the road.

South Wales Argus: Stunning: Castle Meadows, Abergavenny, as the sun was setting. Picture: Nathan Morgan, South Wales Argus Camera Club

Picture: Nathan Morgan, South Wales Argus Camera Club

11, After about 300m, turn right over a stile just before some barn conversions (signed ‘River Usk’).

12. Cross the field and over a stile into the woods.

13. Follow the path back to the large foot bridge.

14. Turn left at the bridge and re-trace your route back to Byefield Lane.

South Wales Argus: Bridge: Over the River Usk in Abergavenny. Picture: Les Morgan, South Wales Argus Camera Club

Picture: Les Morgan, South Wales Argus Camera Club

Points of interest

A. The Usk Bridge was originally built in the middle ages, by Jasper Tudor, who was Duke of Bedford and Baron of Abergavenny. The medieval bridge was joined to a parallel 19th century tramroad bridge to create the current bridge and parts of both remain.

B. The bank here is eroded on the outside of the bends in the river, where the force of the stream is strongest at times of flood.

C. A chain ferry used to operate between the Usk banks at Llanwenarth and Govilon (Boat Farm is a reminder).

D. The Abergavenny and Border Counties Show was held annually in the fields near St Peter’s Church until the 1990s.

  • This route information has been prepared by Monmouthshire County Council Countryside Services with support from the countryside Council for Wales.