A WOMAN who attacked her fiancé with a metal bar during a drunken argument has avoided jail.

Gwent Police were called to the address of Nina Rees in the early hours of May 4 following reports of a disturbance.

When they arrived, Rees opened the door in tears, and while officers went inside to check on her partner, she told the officer with her “I didn’t mean to hurt him”, Newport Crown Court heard.

The officers found that she had attacked her partner with a metal bar which had been part of the bed frame.

“Her partner had a number of injuries,” said

Prosecutor Byron Broadstock said Rees' partner had "a number of injuries", including “a number of marks that could have only been caused by a linear object to the victim’s back".

The court heard the victim suffered “several gashes to his head, cuts and gashes to his arms and face, [and] his hair was matted with blood.”

The pair had been out drinking the previous day, and the defendant told police she had drunk “approximately two bottles of wine”, Mr Broadstock said.

Her fiancé told police that he didn’t want Rees to be arrested or any further action to be taken. However, she was arrested and admitted one charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Rees, 49, of Dol Fran in Mornington Meadows, Caerphilly, has one previous conviction for four offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm in 2000.

“She had an argument with [her partner] and left the flat,” said Roderick Smith, in mitigation. “She hoped that the matter would calm down [when she returned], but it did not.

“There is the wish of reconciliation between the two parties.”

“She had a history of alcohol problems in the past,” said Mr Smith, adding that Rees had already contacted the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service for support.

Sentencing Rees, Recorder Aidan Eardley said: “Both of you say you want to resume your lives together and get married.

“You have expressed your genuine remorse.”

Rees was sentenced to 30 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months. She was ordered to pay £120 in costs, must attend 20 days of rehabilitation activity requirement, and must complete nine months of alcohol treatment requirement.