PUBS across Newport will mark International Beer Day today, Friday, by hosting happy hours.

International Beer Day, celebrated on the first Friday of every August, is intended to say thank you to everyone involved in the UK's beer industry.

Among the venues in Newport marking the day is The Alexandra in Commercial Street, which will host a happy hour.

Natasha Gill, barmaid at the pub, said they would be runnign a promotion on their new Rhymney Craft Ale.

She said: “We have had a new ale installed so we will kick it off with a promotion on it by selling at £1.99 a pint.

“So, we plan to celebrate it with putting a happy hour on it for that between midday and 2pm.”

South Wales Argus: The new Rhymney craft ale being installed at the alexandra pubThe new Rhymney craft ale being installed at the alexandra pub Today also marks the return of Premier League action, and some venues are tying in promotions for the first game - which will see Crystal Palace take on Arsenal - with International Beer Day.

But some pubs said they were unaware of the day, and said breweries should do more to promote it.

Among them is The Talisman in Commercial Street. was re-opened under a new owner, and they plan to run a promotion on their John Smiths alongside a happy hour to celebrate international beer day.

Kelly Buller, landlady at The Talisman in Commercial Steet, said: “If we had a flier advertising International Beer Day, then we could have planned better for it as I wasn’t aware of it.

“But now I know, I will probably run a happy hour or a promotion on the John Smith's today, charging £2.50 between 3pm until 5pm.

“The football returns tonight so we will probably have some fans in here watching the game.”

South Wales Argus: International beer day celebrated across newport International beer day celebrated across newport

Other venues said they felt the quality of what they offer was enough to bring in drinkers.

Matt Wiseman, manager at Tiny Rebel said: “We haven’t got anything special planned to be honest, we are going to be operating as normal it’s Friday so we will be busy anyway.

“People come to enjoy our unique beers that we have on draft.”