A NEWPORT businessman has become the latest victim of a spate of crimes Spanish authorities have dubbed ‘the Ronaldinho’.

James Norvill, 42, was on holiday in Benidorm when, on Friday, August 5, thieves targeted him for his £30,000 watch.

South Wales Argus:

“I was heading back to my hotel with my mate, and two lads came over to chat about Welsh football with us," he said.

"They kicked a ball around, and then one banged against me.

“That was it. I checked my pockets, then looked down at my wrist and swore a little bit.

"They got it."

The watch was a customised Hublot Aqua Big Bang, worth £30,000.

South Wales Argus:

Mr Norvill, who set up waste management company GD Environmental, said it was a present to himself after he sold his business.

“I have worked 18-hour days for years, and this was my gift to myself,” he said.

“It’s not the money that they’ve stolen, but something really special to me. I don’t even think my insurance will cover it.

“The hotel staff and police have been amazing, and I have offered them a reward to help me get it back, but I know it’s a lost cause.”

A fan of the series Benidorm, Mr Norvill was on his second day of holiday at the Sol Pelicanos Hotel, a filming location for the series.

South Wales Argus:

(Brazilian football star Ronaldinho celebrates scoring against England in the 2002 World Cup)

The local Policia National has branded these robberies in Benidorm as the ‘Ronaldinho’ method, in tribute to the Brazil and Barcelona football star.

A British ex-pat newspaper, the Olive Press, reported that similar incidents had happened to another British tourist who had his watch stolen.