BACK in July, it was officially announced that the UK would host Eurovision 2023 on behalf of Ukraine. 

It came after months of war and conflict in the country as Russia continues to invade. 

Seeing the discussion occur on which country would be eligible to host the contest, the BBC later was invited by the European Broadcasting Union to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

However, 2023 would not mark the first time the UK hosted Euroviosn, with it previously been hosted in Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh and more.

Cities across the UK quickly threw their hats in the ring in hopes to be declared the official host city for the 2023 contest. 

It saw 20 cities including London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and Aberdeen put their name forward for consideration.

However, there are a few rules on what cities can host the song contest, with there being a number of  requirements the host city must meet in order to be considered.

The BBC said: “The final decision on selecting the host city will be based on a city or region’s capacity and capability in meeting the BBC’s and the EBU’s requirements, as well as availability of resources and general experience in hosting a large and complex event such as the Eurovision Song Contest.

“For example, last year the EBU’s host city criteria was based on providing a venue able to accommodate at least 10,000 spectators (as well as a press centre), that should be within easy reach of an international airport and with ample hotel accommodation.”

The broadcaster also said it may “consult” the UK Government on the decision, but the host city will ultimately be decided upon by the BBC and the EBU.

Eurovision 2023: Shortlist for UK host city's announced:

Now the official shortlist for the UK host cities has been announced on BBC Radio 2 Zoe Ball Breakfast show.

The UK cities that have been shortlisted are: 

  • Birmingham;
  • Glasgow;
  • Leeds;
  • Liverpool;
  • Manchester;
  • Newcastle;
  • Sheffield.

The official host city will be announced later this year, with an expected time of autumn.