A CAT has been reunited with her London family after being left behind at Magor services.

The family had been travelling away on holiday on Tuesday, August 9, when they stopped at the M4 service station for a rest.

Butters the cat had been let out of her carrier during the stop, and her family lost track of her.

Despite searching for hours, they could not find her.

That is until Gwent's branch of Cats Protection were contacted.

Glynis Davies and Tina Hartey were contacted through social media, alerting them to a cat at Magor services.

South Wales Argus:

"Staff at the hotel at the services told them the cat might have kittens so they had to approach with caution, as they didn't want her to move them if panicked," Ms Hartey said.

"What a loving girl she was.

"She was scanned and yes, a chip, so off our volunteer went home to look up her details."

Cats Protection found Butters was registered to a London address, with a phone number and email address so contact was easily made.

South Wales Argus:

Butters was kept in a Cats Protection volunteer‘s spare bedroom until her owner travelled the 130 miles from London to collect her.

Cats Protection have shared Butters' reunion story to highlight the importance of microchipping your pets.