EMERGENCY services have teamed up to tackle what has been described as "an increase in fires" after Pontypool ski slope was destroyed in a blaze last week.

Members of Pontypool Ski Racing visted the ski slope on the morning of Saturday, August 27, to find that the top section of the slope had been completely destroyed by fire.

The wooden supports had been almost entirely burned away, with the slope material itself severely damaged.

South Wales Argus:

A spokesperson for Pontypool Ski Racing, who run the slope, said they were "devastated" to discover the damage to the slope.

Now, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) have teamed up with Gwent Police, Torfaen Leisure Trust and Torfaen Community Safety to tackle the issue.

Since branding the fire deliberate, SWFRS have worked in partnership with the other agencies "to tackle an increase in fires affecting the slope and Pontypool Park".

South Wales Argus:

Gwent Police's rural crime team, who are also involved in the project, said: "Frustrating to hear of the fire damage caused recently at Pontypool ski slope, a long established community resource.

"We met with partners on site for a multi-agency meeting, discussing target hardening and other crime prevention measures."

South Wales Argus:

Pontypool Ski Racing said: "It’s really sad to see what’s happened.

"Our slope is such a brilliant community asset.

"We’ll keep putting many volunteer hours in, to ensure everyone can enjoy it - despite this awful vandalism."