WE are well aware that some people in Newport are dead against the building of the replacement for the dilapidated Durham Road School in Newport on part of the Glebelands recreation ground.

The opponents argue fiercely that the site is polluted with toxic waste and therefore the children's health will be compromised.

Nevertheless the city council, having commissioned tests, said the site had been made safe and the school should be built.

Work is now due to go ahead next month after the final hurdle was overcome.

And we know that, despite the opposition, there will be many who are delighted by this news.

Under normal circumstances the peeling Durham Road building should have been shut down two decades ago.

In the intervening years generations of children and many teachers have had to put up with a building that was clearly not fit for purpose and worsening all the time.

Now at least from the year 2010 children will be able to learn in a much better, state of the art environment.

That is good news and we know that the head teacher and staff will be delighted.

However, we should not close our eyes and ears to the sincerely held beliefs of those who feel the ground may still contain toxic materials.

It is desirable, therefore, that the council should keep testing the soil, the air and anything else that may need testing in order to ensure that the health of the pupils is never compromised.

We believe that is the best way to allay the fears of protesters and parents alike.