Wales is set to wave goodbye to a summer of hot spells as temperatures are forecasted to drop this week.

According to the Met Office, temperatures could reach highs of 22 degrees today (September 14), however, are soon likely to drop with lows of 7, with chilly nights “under the starry skies”.

The rest of the week will see cloud and breezy spells, with scattered showers to be expected.

At the start of next week, dry spells can be expected as temperatures remain cool with “cloudier conditions and light rain or showers are likely in the far northwest”, the Met Office says.

For the period September 18-27, the forecaster says: “Fine and dry for most with sunny spells at the start of this period, though cloudier conditions and light rain or showers are likely in the far northwest.

“Winds generally light but breezy along some eastern coasts. Temperatures rather cool initially, with a risk of some rural frosts, patchy mist and fog. Temperatures should return closer to average through the week.

“Mid-week, a band of rain may spread across northern and northwestern parts, and then possibly edges slowly southeastwards, weakening as it does so. Wetter and windier conditions are likely at times in the northwest for the remainder of the period whilst the southeast sees more in the way of dry weather.

“Overnight mist and fog patches still possible, especially in the south, but these should clear quickly.”

When does autumn 2022 start?

With these lower temperatures and gloomier weather, it is well and truly clear that summer is over. But when does Autumn officially begin?

Autumn occurs when we reach the Autumn equinox.

The autumn equinox occurs in September every year, and it is the mark of summer ending in the northern hemisphere.

As the earth orbits the sun, it is tilted on an axis. This means that as it orbits it illuminates the northern or southern hemisphere differently, depending on where it is in orbit.

However, at two points in the year the sun will illuminate both hemispheres equally – these are the autumn and spring equinoxes.

In 2022, the UK Autumn equinox occurs on Friday, September 23 at 2:03am, signalling the end of summer and the start of a new season.

For localised weather in your area, visit the Met Office website.