THE Cybermen are back - and they've come to a city near you.

The classic Doctor Who villains took over the St Woolos cemetery, Newport while filming yesterday.

The BBC Wales drama team covered the site in fake snow for a winter scene.

Residents was left wondering whether the team may have been filming a christmas special.

Janet Hancock, who lives in Canberra Crescent, Glasllwch, said she saw the filming yesterday morning while out walking the dog.

"I was going past the cemetery walls and saw lots of white smoke.

"A security guard said they were filming Doctor Who - it was very exciting."

She said she peeked over the cemetary walls to take a look at the filming, and saw people in long black coats running all over the site.

Sadly she didn't see any of the stars of the series.

Mrs Hancock said although she wasn't a big fan of the programme, her son's girlfriend had appeared in the series as an extra.

"She's going to be a hostage," she said.

A spokesman for BBC Wales confirmed that Doctor Who was being filmed at St Woolos Cemetery.

However he remained tight lipped about what was being filmed and who was on set -saying the coporation never reveals storylines during production.

The BBC has frequently used Newport as a set for the programme.

Among the locations that have popped up are the Riverfront Theatre, the city centre, Tredegar House, and Duffryn High School.

Gwent residents have also appeared in the series as extras - as daleks, aliens and others.

One girl -Lucy Lutman -stood in for Billy Piper when the former Doctor Who assistant wasn't available.

Ms Lutman's hands were filmed in close-ups when the star wasn't available.

The programme returned to TV screens on Saturday romping home with 8.4 million viewers and a 40 per cent share of the audience.

Series writer Russell T Davies had criticised the BBC for moving Doctor Who to 6.20pm from its 7pm time slot.

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