A number of new businesses have opened stalls in Newport Market since it re-opened in March.

The multi-million-pound market is home to many successful independent businesses and a popular spot for socialising and shopping. Here's the latest additions to the market.

Bake Your Day, Upper Dock Street, Newport

The delicious family-run cake shop located on the edge of the market, opposite the bus station, opened on September 17.

It has only been in business for two weeks and is seeing a surge in business.

Owner Sarah Slade said: “The opening was amazing, it was heaving in here which was good. It was a sell out on Saturday and Sunday, and we had great support from the market and people.

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Bake your day opened on the 17th September and had a successful start to business. Picture: Newsquest

“I have been nice and steady, the wedding and birthday cake orders have been coming in thick and fast to keep me busy.

“We are having a children’s cake decorating workshop this Saturday for Hallowe'en.”

Odds and Sods, Market side, Newport Market

This crafty shop is filled with seasonal and haberdashery items and has been open for three weeks, with owners aiming to bring back a haberdashery.

The owner Claire McAtee already has a business in the market as she runs the City Treasures shop on the other side.

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Odds and sods, hopes to bring haberdashery back to Newport. Picture: Newsquest 

She said: “We are just trying to get something new in the market, so many people have come in looking for a haberdashery but there is not one in Newport now.

“We have bought the basics, so people know we are here, and we are testing the market waters a bit now.”

Anna Cake Couture, Market M29, Newport Market

This lovely cake stall, located near the market’s high street entrance sell occasion cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, cupcakes, and biscuits.

It joined the market eight weeks ago and has so far been a success.

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This succesful cake shop has had successful eight weeks. Picture: Newsquest

The manager of the stall said: “It has been going well especially on the weekends, as we do a lot of gift boxes and occasion cakes that do well.

“Its great that we are near the food court too, we have started to open until 8pm on the weekends.”

Army of Few, Market side, Newport Market

This new design and creative studio – said to be the first of its kind in Newport - was due to open at the end of the month but is now extended its opening to Next Saturday, October 8.

Once open next weekend the shop well sell merchandise for the acts and labels that they work with, clothes and prints.

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Army of Few now has its sign up and is close to opening. Picture: Newsquest

Owner Andy Hayes says the shop is almost ready: “We are going to get it open, have a few friends and family here for a few drinks to celebrate.”

Sandra Kepkowska Photography, Market side, Newport Market

This photo studio sells a range of different photos as well as acting as a shop to photograph special occasions and events.

Foto Sandra has been open since the beginning of this month to showcase her brilliant photos.

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Sandra Kepkowska opened her photography shop at the beginning of the month. Picture: Newsquest

Sandra said: "I chose this location as there are more people walking around, it has been a great month so far since opening.”

These are the five new shops and stalls in the market that have opened but watch this space as another stall is set to join the market near the food court.

Whocult Coffee and Donuts, Newport Market

This already has successful shops in Barry and Bridgend and hope to open their third stall in the market.

The stall was set to open on the October 1, but once up and running it will sell fresh coffee and donuts to the people of Newport.

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Whocult donuts will open near the food court. Picture: Newsquest