As this year's party conference season draws to a close, the contrast between the Labour and Conservative parties could not be more stark.

While Labour is unified, purposeful and optimistic about building a better future for the country; the Conservatives looked tired, divided and totally ill-equipped to deal with the challenges facing the country today.

Even by the standards of the last 12 years, Liz Truss' tenure in Number 10 has got off to a chaotic and incompetent start; so much so that there are already significant murmurs of discontent among her colleagues in Parliament.

It's hardly surprising: last month's mini-budget was an unmitigated disaster; crashing the economy through enormous unfunded tax cuts for the rich and damaging the UK's international reputation in the process.

The fact that the Bank of England had to step in with a £65 billion bailout out with taxpayers' money is shameful; as is the government's abject failure to prioritise a solution to deal with the soaring living costs which are impacting so many households here in Newport East and across Wales.

The prime minister and chancellor's screeching U-turn on the 45p top tax rate came too late for ordinary people who face paying more for years to come.

Some Tory MPs might already be hankering for a change in leadership, but it is the wider failed approach of the last 12 years - one based on discredited 'trickle down' economics and underinvestment in public services - which is the root of the problem.

While the Conservatives squabbled among themselves, Keir Starmer rounded off an incredibly positive Labour conference with a brilliant speech which set out the difference a UK Labour government would make to people.

He highlighted how the next Labour government would introduce a new publicly-owned energy company which would create jobs, energy security and lower bills.

He also outlined how Labour would govern with integrity, invest in public services like our police, and take care of taxpayers' money - all things the Conservatives have failed to do.

The conference showed that Labour is ready for government, and under Keir Starmer is ready to provide Britain with the leadership it has been missing for far too long. The country needs a general election and an overdue change of direction.

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