POLICE data for August 2022 has revealed where burglaries have taken place in Newport over that month.

The data has been transferred to a map, making it easy to see exactly where the burglaries occurred.

There were 57 reported burglaries in Newport during August 2022, with all occurring on different streets.

As expected, the majority of the burglaries took place in the centre of the city.

Several reported burglaries took place around the Friar's Walk, with another concentration centred around St Woolos at the Esso garage.

The burglaries aren't limited to the city centre, with plenty taking place at the edge of the city.

One burglary was so far out that it was basically in Cardiff.

There were also several burglaries reported in Malpas and Rogerstone, as well as a scattering in Ringland and Caerleon.

However, it is clear from the map that the city centre is the hotspot for burglaries, with mostly fewer occurring further away.