IT'S that time of year where our attention is drawn towards the supernatural and whatever lurks in the shadows.

Or, it is if you're a fan of Hallowe'en at any rate.

People in Gwent might not have any choice in the matter, as a study claims that those living here are more likely to encounter the paranormal than anyone else in the UK.

Yes, even more so than those living in London's purportedly haunted streets, or those in Lancashire where a ghostly Lancaster bomber roams the skies.

Online casino has analysed the, er, ‘Paranormal Database’ (yes, that’s apparently a thing) to see where in the UK supernatural occurrences are common.

Gwent may not have the most paranormal sightings reported (that title goes to Yorkshire with 786 reports), because of the relatively sparse population the chances of seeing something spooky is increased.

A spokesperson from (presumably their version of Dr Venkman) said: “The UK has a lot of spooky history, and with Hallowe'en on the way, it’s incredible to see how many paranormal sightings have been reported.

"As Yorkshire takes the top spot for the location with the most sightings, it’s fascinating to find that Gwent in South East Wales has the highest chances of seeing this spooky activity with your own eyes.”

According to the study, there is a 0.21 per cent chance of spotting something supernatural in the region – the next closest is the Highlands with a 0.09 per cent chance.

It appears Gwent is infested by non-corporeal beings, UFOs and other spooky creatures. They’re here, indeed.

Newport in particular could be home to a number of spectres, given that there’s an old castle in the middle of the city, not to mention Tredegar House with its rich history.

Gwent appears wholly underequipped to deal with the supernatural - we don't have any out-of-work scientists or any meddling kids.

Thankfully, the spirits have continued their policy of non-aggression with no murdering, possession of giant marshmallow figures, unfortunate ectoplasm incidents or even slightly disturbing pottery reported.

So good news – whatever spirits floating around are more Casper than Johnny Bartlett.

However, the UFOs are a little more active and just last month a UFO conference was held in Newport. Tempting fate?

Well, the zero abductions reported during the conference would suggest not – they’re probably off exploring strange new worlds.

In conclusion, any aspiring ghost hunters may want to start hanging around Gwent to get that ever-elusive proof of the supernatural.

Of course, this could all be complete rubbish, but hopefully this will give you peace of mind if your kids starts seeing Bruce Willis everywhere – probably not though.