FOOTAGE has emerged of an alleged panther that has been stalking the streets of Warrington over the past few weeks.

Last week it was reported that a large cat - being suggested as 'a panther' - was sighted in Padgate, on the way to Fearnhead, on Tuesday, October 11.

There have been a number of sightings of big cats in Warrington over the last few years, including reports in March and November 2021 - with the latest being from Blackbrook Avenue last week.

Now, footage from a resident in Newton has emerged of a big cat prowling the streets.

Captured on the resident's doorbell camera, the rear of an animal, with a long black tail, can be seen in the footage.

Julie Murphy reported seeing a large cat - what she says was 'a panther' - whilst she was driving home last week.

She said she 'knew' it was a panther because of its 'long, curved tail.'

As seen in the footage, sent by Luke Hickman, a black animal with a long, curved tail can be spotted lurking on the street.

The footage shows an animal moving around behind a silver vehicle, before walking out of the shot.

Though only half of the animal can be seen, it's clearly larger than an average house cat, which begs the question: could a panther really be skulking around Warrington at night?