Last week will not go down as one of the finest in the history of the Conservative party.

Liz Truss took over with the aim of borrowing enough money to guarantee energy prices for the next two years and boosting growth by cutting taxes for people and businesses.

It was a laudable aim.

But the plan fell apart because those with billions to lend worried that Britain has already borrowed too much and wanted higher interest rates.

As the plan could not go ahead, first the chancellor left and then the prime minister.

Congratulations to Rishi Sunak on becoming the leader of our party and the UK’s first British Asian prime minister.

He faces a profound economic challenge caused by an energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and all made worse following a global pandemic.

Rishi Sunak was the chancellor throughout Covid and has huge financial experience.

I believe he is the best qualified person to deal with the problems which lie ahead and he has my full support.

We have a duty to the British people to return to the policies of our 2019 manifesto and we need unity within the party to steer the country through these difficult times. I urge colleagues to get behind Rishi for political stability and to restore trust.

A huge well done to Rachel Buckler who is the new Monmouthshire County Council ward member for Devauden following a by-election.

I have no doubt this was due entirely to her own hard work, personality and experience. I look forward to working with Rachel on matters of local importance and I know she will deliver for residents.

History was also made as Monmouthshire has become the first council in Wales to ever have a female majority – a massive milestone for gender equality.

My petition calling on the Welsh Government to reject proposals for a council tax revaluation is gathering pace.

Monmouthshire is likely to be a net loser from plans to revalue all 1.5 million properties in Wales, potentially pushing hard-pressed families into much higher council tax bands, making it even more expensive and unaffordable for some local people to live here at a time when many are struggling with the cost of living.

I urge Monmouthshire residents to sign the petition so that action can be taken by the Senedd to influence this ill-thought out and non-evidenced policy of Welsh Government: