It all began at the Beaufort Theatre on the 6th of September when the Tredegar Operatic Society performed their most glamorous performance yet; Kinky Boots! 

With an exceptional main cast consisting of; Jordan Christopher as Lola, Mathew Oliver as Charlie, and Louise Luke as Lauren supported by a talented ensemble, this show is great for all family members. When Charlie Price, an aspiring young Businessman is forced to give up his dreaming in the city of London to take over the Price and Sons Factory after his Father’s death, he finds himself on a journey of self-discovery, love, and glamour after meaning the extravagant Drag Queen from the Blue Angel Nightclub, Lola. Who knew that you could change the world with a bejeweled boot?

From the moment we entered the Beaufort Theatre of Ebbw Vale, we were instantly transported into the extraordinary world of Kinky Boots and the Price and Sons Factory. This set design not only immersed its audience into the performance but also allowed them to become clearly connected with the characters of Kinky Boots.



Our star of the show was no other than Louise Luke who performed as Lauren, a young twenty-year-old working-class woman who works at the Factory. As the show progresses, we learn of Lauren’s “history of wrong guys” and her new budding romance with Charlie is undeniably one of the show's strongest plot points. It's not just the romance however that makes Lauren our standout star but the performance and comedic timing portrayed by Louise Luke that really make this character so loveable.



Finally ranked as our number-one song in the Tredegar Operatic Society’s, performance of Kinky Boots was Not My Father’s Son performed by Jordan Christopher and Mathew Oliver. Both Actors showed extraordinary vocal skill in their performance bringing tears to the eyes of each member of the audience and undoubtedly was the strongest musical performance in Kinky Boots.



Kinky Boots marked the Tredegar Operatic Society’s 100th year anniversary but they have a long history of performances to look back on. The Tredegar Operatic Society was formed in 1920 and ever since they continued a long-lasting legacy of musical performances such as Hairspray, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Jekyll & Hyde. Now marking its 101st year, the Tredegar Operatic Society will be performing the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Catch their performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in September 2023 at the Beaufort Theatre.