THE dark evenings are drawing in and with them comes the colder temperatures and wet and windy weather.

Some of us love the darker nights and an excuse to cosy up with endless bowls of soup and cups of tea, while others will be clinging to the memories of warmer days and sunny nights.

If you’re not ready for summer to be over, how about a winter getaway? Whether you fancy a weekend of warmth to thaw or you want to escape for a Christmas abroad, here are some of the best places to go for some winter sun.

Cape Town

Temperatures in Cape Town during the winter remain pleasant, sitting around 16 to 20 degrees. Perfect for enjoying the sights at a comfortable temperature.


From December to January in Morocco, you can expect much milder temperatures and fewer crowds. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with gorgeous beaches to relax at and busy cities to take in all the culture.


December to April is the dry season in Barbados, making winter the perfect excuse to enjoy a tropical break. Temperatures average around 30 degrees. How does Christmas Day on the beach sound?

South Wales Argus: Top 7 destinations to escape for some winter sunTop 7 destinations to escape for some winter sun (Image: Canva)

Gran Canaria

Temperatures in Gran Canaria sit above 20°C all year round, so it is the perfect location to escape to when the winter blues get too much.

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A bit pricier than other destinations, but you can’t go wrong with the tranquillity of the Maldives.

Stunning waters and beautiful, warm temperatures are on the cards for your Christmas in the Maldives.

Costa Rica

Escape to Costa Rica for a taste of it all, stunning beaches, beautiful rainforests and incredible wildlife; your winter break just became so much more exotic. December temperatures in Costa Rica reach up to 30 degrees, so there’s no need for your cosy clothes here.


You may picture Thailand as a summer abroad destination, but its tropical climate is what makes it perfect for a winter break. Spend your Christmas holiday lying on the beach, swimming in clear waters and enjoying the cuisine.