PLANNING for Christmas can always be an expensive time, but now especially so as the cost of living continues to rise.

As we head into the festive season, many will be looking for a way to cut costs and reduce overall spending this Christmas.

If that’s you, Iceland is the place to go.

Iceland and The Food Warehouse have launched an incredible Christmas dinner bargain with customers able to pick up an entire roast dinner for less than £20.

The deal serves four people, working out at only £4.35 a head. And better yet, all the food can be cooked in an air fryer, saving you further on energy costs.

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South Wales Argus: Iceland's Christmas dinner for less than £5 per personIceland's Christmas dinner for less than £5 per person (Image: Iceland)

Iceland’s Christmas dinner

For the main event, Iceland’s Luxury Extra Tasty Turkey Joint with Bacon (£10.00, 1kg) is perfect for bringing the traditional feel of Christmas to the table.

All you need to do is cook in an air fryer for 1hr 10mins on 160 degrees and leave to stand for 10 mins before carving a delicious turkey easy to serve straight from the table to the plate.

Of course, it’s not Christmas without everybody’s favourite festive sides. Stock up on Iceland’s Pigs in Blankets (£2.40, 12pk).

Whilst the turkey is resting, pop them in an air fryer for ten minutes, turning halfway through.

Shoppers can also pile their plates high with Iceland’s Roast Potatoes (£1.00, 907g). Cook them in an air fryer on 200 degrees for 22 minutes, shaking halfway through, for that perfect, fluffy and golden potato.

Whether you agree that Yorkshires belong on a Christmas dinner or not, you can’t go wrong with Iceland’s Yorkshire Puddings (£1.00, 20pk). Simply cook for four minutes at 200 degrees and turn halfway through for a perfectly golden-brown Yorkshire.

Skip using the expensive gas and electric hobs this Christmas with Iceland’s Garden Peas (£1.00, 800g), Iceland Button Sprouts (£1.00, 900g) and Iceland’s Carrot Battons (£1.00, 800g) all of which can be cooked in the microwave in four minutes or less.

It wouldn’t be Christmas with festive essential Iceland’s Mince Pies, at just £1.20, these are full of flavour and the perfect midnight treat to leave out for Father Christmas.

Iceland’s Christmas dinner products to feed 4 for under £20

  • Iceland Luxury Extra Tasty Stuffed Turkey Joint with Bacon
  • Iceland Roast Potatoes
  • Iceland Pigs in Blankets
  • Iceland Yorkshire Puddings
  • Iceland Garden Peas
  • Iceland Button Sprouts
  • Iceland Carrot Battons
  • Iceland Mince Pies

To see all of Iceland’s Christmas products, visit the website here.

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