A GWENT actor, author, talk show host and LGBTQ+ activist who earlier this month was named the region's top campaigner has spoken out about his struggles with skin problems.

Earlier this month Scott McGlynn, from Blackwood, was named LGBTQ+ Campaigner of the Year at the 2022 South Wales Argus Pride of Gwent Awards for his work helping others.

Mr McGlynn said he had first begun suffering with skin problems in secondary school, and as a result was subjected to relentless bullying, which he said left him wanting to be "invisible".

South Wales Argus: Scott was left wanting to be invisibleScott was left wanting to be invisible (Image: Scott McGlynn)Scott was left wanting to be invisible. Picture: Scott McGlynn

“I was getting bullied for my sexuality and my problems with my skin made it so much worse," he said.

“It knocked my confidence so badly that I would never engage in a conversation, and I would try to be invisible.

“This meant I had no people or conversation skills, and you think people are constantly looking at your spots.

“I went to the doctors and was given an antibiotic that I really didn’t get on with, it caused me to throw up.

“This was in the late 90s and early 2000s so there was a lot less on the market, my mum tried her best but the only thing you could really get was Clearasil, but mine was more acne, so it didn’t help.”

Since then he has campaigned for more support for LGBTQ+ young people, as well as for greater awareness of skin problems among men.

In 2016 he released his debut book, OUT, which depicted his time at school and his struggles with bullying.

Mr McGlynn said: “In my 20s I was still getting breakouts, blemishes, and redness.

“At that age I was more confident with the people I was surrounding myself with, so I was more confident in buying products like concealer to help cover the acne.

“Skin problems can really affect your confidence, it’s something you have to learn to accept and live with, but it knocks you back so badly.

“I still suffer with breakouts, but I have grown to become more comfortable in my skin which wasn’t easy.

“I am a big believer in getting a good night’s sleep and this can really help your skin and when I am feeling unwell is when my skin will break out especially.”

“We’re at the time of the year where it’s freezing outside, and the indoor heating is on and this is what makes our skin worse.

“With the current world we live in everything is so perfect, but we are all human we all get spots and blemishes.”

In November the actor called on Superdrug to move men’s skincare into the makeup aisle with the other skincare products to fight the current gender divide.