SHOPPERS, traders and residents faced a second day of disruption as Doctor Who filming closed city centre streets.

The second day of filming for Season 14 of Doctor Who saw more road closures on Newport High Street. The popular sci-fi show has meant people cannot walk through the city centre without being met with endless barricades and security telling them to wait or find another route through.

The Argus spoke to shoppers yesterday who said they were excited about the chance to bring more money into the town.

The mood, like the weather, changed today and people were frustrated their plans had been disrupted for another day.

James Stewart, who came to Newport to use the post office says, he didn’t understand why the barriers had been placed so far up the street.

He added: “It’s stupid. I don’t know why they can’t just let people through.”

The city centre is currently being used to film a scene between the new assistant played by Millie Gibson and Jemma Redgrave, who will return as Kate Stewart. The new season will premiere on November 23.

David Tennant has also been confirmed to return in special episodes scheduled to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who. The popular sci-fi show was first aired in November 1963.

Despite initial excitement in Newport people have faced another day of disruption and it's beginning to affect their day to day lives.

South Wales Argus:

Tracey Powell-Downey (Top left) was with Kerry Bridge (Centre) and Sean Meredith (Right) when she faced barriers and security blocking the road (Image: Kate Davies/ Newsquest)

Richard McOwen had an appointment in the middle of the closed road and said he was unhappy the closures had spread further along High Street since yesterday. He added: “Do they just want to close Newport completely?”

Some businesses in the area have remained opened throughout filming but public access has proven difficult.

Tracey Powell Downey was on her way to the bowling alley when she was faced with the road closures. She said: “We were doing our usual thing and going bowling, but we had to hang around by the barriers.”

The filming has also caused trouble for residents in the city centre.

Cynthia Azuatalam lives on Market Street, which connects to High Street and is usually an easy cut through to the centre.

It’s been blocked by security since yesterday and been filled with vans belonging to the filming crew.

South Wales Argus:

Newport High Street was closed for a second day while Doctor Who was filmed (Image: Kate Davies/ Newsquest)

Ms Azuatalam said she thinks residents should have had notice about the filming.

“They should have just let us know. If we had known, we could have made arrangements to get around it and it wouldn’t have been a big deal. Information is key,” she added. Doctor Who has been filming outside Tiny Rebel on High Street which will remain closed until filming ends tonight.

A BBC spokesperson has said letters were delivered to residents who lived close to the filming set and might be affected. They added road signage was put up in advance to prepare for the road closure.