A FITNESS coach is opening what is believed to be Newport's first-ever women-only boxing gym.

Kate Porter, along with her fiancé Mark Brogan, as well as Luis Evans, are opening the new gym below St Michaels ABC Gym in Shaftsbury in the spring.

The business, to be called KB Boxing, Women’s Boxing and Fitness, will open in the unit below the mixed gender gym after Ms Porter ran ‘Boxing for Fitness’ classes for women.

Ms Porter said: “My aim when starting the classes was to create a place where women can come together, as in boxing it’s a man’s world.

“Many women in the gym especially around men, may not feel confident to do certain things and feel self-conscious or nervous.

South Wales Argus:

“When the unit became available, I sent a survey out into the community about the idea of a women’s only gym, and a high percentage of women felt good about the idea.

“I want to create a safe environment and space for women, where they can empower each other while feeling comfortable.”

The ages of her fitness class range between five and 65, with women of every shape, size and culture taking part for many different reasons.

Ms Porter, 31, hails her daughter as her inspiration to become a role model for young people, to work hard, keep learning and striving to achieve new things.

She added: “Newport is a diverse city, with different groups of people some women in Newport haven’t got the opportunity to train in a gym with men due to their cultural beliefs or values.

“I want to create a safe space for women, which they can access at anytime even when there is no classes or personal training sessions on that day.

"It's exciting and I am excited for the future generation of young women."