YESTERDAY we reported that Newport Railway Station had netted the impressive, but presumably unwanted, accolade of being named the third ugliest building in the world.

But is it really that bad? We swung by to see what people using the station thought.

And it's fair to say praise for the building was in short supply.

Newport resident James Wall said he felt the building is cold and un-inviting.

“Newport is an old town, and I know they are trying their best to change it, but this was not suitable for the town and uninviting," he said.

South Wales Argus:

James Wall

The railway station building was built in 2010 and has recently earned the title of the second busiest railway in Wales.

The study which branded it the world's third ugliest building - and second in the UK - was based on language people used about buildings on Twitter.

The Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh topped the poll.

South Wales Argus: NewsquestNewsquest (Image: Newsquest)

Ethan Luke Davies, from Alway said: “It could definitely do with upgrading.

“When you look at Cardiff and then you look at this one, then yeah, it is the ugliest station, and it doesn’t surprise me

“There are not doing much to keep the welfare of it up, if they made it look better and bring more people to it then it would be beneficial to everyone.” 

South Wales Argus: NewsquestNewsquest (Image: Newsquest)

Ethan Luke Davies

Many tourists or people on their daily community to work in or out of Newport use the railway station on a regular basis to get to Cardiff or places in England and are not keen on the station.

Jack Stevenson, a teacher working in Newport, said: “It is definitely my least favourite train station I have been to. It's cold and looks dull.

“It should have less metal and they should put a shop in it which will be nice and maybe clean it.”