SHOCKING photos show just how little impact efforts by Caerphilly Borough Council to manage toxic waste which appears to be leaking from a quarry into valleys and villages in South Wales are having.

Chemicals that cause chest infections, stomach problems and even cancer are believed to be leaking out of Ty Llwyd Quarry in Ynysddu, near Caerphilly, after chemical firm Monsanto dumped waste in the quarry almost half a century ago.

Now the drums used to store the waste are disintegrating, and there are fears those chemicals are leaking into streams and rivers in the Sirhowy Valley.

Photos show what little impact Caerphilly Borough Council’s attempt at trying to manage the situation has had, with abandoned machinery by the roadside and streams of the toxic waste spread across the hillside, heading down to the Sirhowy River.

From there the toxins get into the Ebbw River, into Newport and ultimately down into the Usk Estuary.

The council tried to set up an "aeration chamber" for the chemicals to feed into and then disperse in the air.

South Wales Argus:

Toxic waste left running across the ground

South Wales Argus:

The local council claims the liquid is “normal surface water” but has urged people to stay away

South Wales Argus:

The aeration chamber built by the council

South Wales Argus:

The Ty Llwyd Quarry is located near Ynysddu

A channel dug from the quarry down the hillside runs next to a natural stream and in heavy rain has reportedly overflowed onto the land.

But this seems to have had little impact.

From the aeration chamber down, photos show the hillside covered in waste, leaving a sickly smell, strange reddish colour and a mysterious foam building in the waters.

Watch the video below and see what appears to be toxic waste running down the hillside in Sirhowy Valley

Chemist and former pharmacist Allan Sharpe, president of the Lower Sirhowy Valleys Community Partnership, said the council has not made a serious effort to try solve the issue.

Mr Sharpe, who has lived in the area for more than 50 years, said it won’t be long before this causes a health catastrophe on the local population.

“There were 200 different chemicals dumped primarily by Mosanto in that quarry nearly 20 years ago,” explained Mr Sharpe.

“The council have spent millions of pounds on doing something about it without getting anywhere.

South Wales Argus:

Allan Sharpe with Independent councillor for Ynysddu Jan Jones

“We are asking them to do the sensible thing because any time now the drums may decide to completely disintegrate.

“Better to spend a few million now than have a health catastrophe in the wider population in the future.”

South Wales Argus:

Council's attempts at channeling the waste

South Wales Argus:

Abandoned council machinery in the wake of an on-going public health hazard

Caerphilly Council claims the waste does not leave council-owned land.

“The improvement works have been designed to collect as much of the leachate as possible from the site and from the woodland below the site and encourage it into one location," said a spokesperson.

Independent councillor for Ynysddu Jan Jones warned people to stay away from the area.

“If you can smell something nasty keep away do not let your dog go anywhere near it and please do not come and sightsee,” said Cllr Jones.