A PLAY about a drag-queen is set to be performed by Newport Playgoers Society this month.

Untucked will be performed at the Dolman Theatre, Newport, from February 8 to 11.

Playwright Teresa Hennessy, who is from Pembrokeshire, said: “During my time in London from the mid 80s to mid 90s, I frequented many gay clubs and bars in which I met fantastic characters whose images and personalities stuck with me for many decades.

“Two male actors in the same Cambridge theatre company as I, asked me to write a play for them both to star in. They played dames expertly in our pantomimes, which got me thinking about the people I had met and become friends with years earlier.

“But, as you can imagine, playing drag queens needs a totally different artistic approach than panto dames. Totally.

"After 12 different drafts, from changing a word to changing the whole structure, that's how Untucked took shape. It has won awards for writing and acting and I feel extremely proud of my Irma and Dee; the actors who play them and the company which tells their story.”

For Newport actor Matthew Hitchman, like the character David/Dee in the play, this is his first time performing as a drag queen.

He said: "I'm usually down to play the role of 'posh English gent' in whatever we're doing, so this has been a wonderful change of pace for me.

“I’m absolutely loving David and this script, it's so real and normal, it almost feels like we've got a live feed to the dressing room at times.”

In Untucked, David or Miss Dee Light is a happily-married man embarking on his first foray into a life-long dream of drag. He is not only about to step on stage for the first time in his new persona, but he's also about to meet a life-long hero - Irma Geddon, a seasoned veteran on the scene.

Matthew said: "I auditioned because the script looked astounding. It was lovely to see a modern play, and such a well-written one at that. Coming out of lockdown, just like David, I was scared to be out there. I thought, why do things by half? If I'm going to act, why not do it in gorgeous sequins and a blonde wig? It's certainly attracted a wider audience than anything else I've done!

“Getting into costume is a long process. We’ve got the face down to a cool two hours now, and getting better every time.

"I'm very, very thankful that normally I can just throw on a shirt and a pair of trousers as a bloke.

"And don't even get me started on heels. The person who invented them should be ashamed.

"I don't know if I should share this, but I've been quite the diva and begged to look glamorous. So, I have to give a huge thanks to our crew and costume team for giving in to my unreasonable demands, being so kind and as supportive as the cinching underwear we're squeezing into."

Queens, featuring both Untucked by Teresa Hennessy and The Regina Monologues by Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer will be presented by Newport Playgoers Society at the Dolman Theatre, Newport, February 8 to 11. For tickets go to www.dolmantheatre.co.uk.