A "BONKERS" cat in Caldicot has become somewhat of a celebrity in the area - for all the wrong reasons.

Demo, a cat living in Caldicot, has lived an eventful in her three (human) years - she survived being hit by a car around a year ago, albeit with a wonkier smile, and shortly after began to steal things.

At first it was relatively harmless – she’d bring home gloves and underpants, at one point surprising her family with a suspected sex toy which has still not been claimed, earning weird looks from her two feline siblings.

"Demo is so proud [of her thefts] and cries at the door to let me know she's back," said owner Rachel Masterman.

"She always looks so pleased with her big wonky smile - she's a bit bonkers."

South Wales Argus:

But Ms Masterman's concern grew when Demo brought home a Tatty Teddy wearing a hat saying "special little boy" and reached out on social media to find the owner.

She was mortified to discover that Demo was taken this from a boy's grave at Dewstone Cemetery. Thankfully the boy's mother understood the situation and - after the fifth or sixth time Demo came home with the toy - suggested the cat could keep it and she would get a new one.

Demo proceeded to steal the new teddy too.

South Wales Argus:

"The mother was very understanding," said Ms Masterman.

"She said to keep the teddy and she would put another on the grave - Demo took that one too."

"She's a liability but it's been keeping people entertained.

“They stop me on the street to ask about her.”

South Wales Argus:

With many suggesting paranormal activity may be afoot, Ms Masterman contacted a psychic who asked her to send a few photos of people - dead or alive - and items. These included:

  • A photo of Ms Masterman's grandparents;
  • A photo of someone she knew;
  • Her late dog Jack;
  • Her cat Demo;
  • The Tatty Teddy.

“The psychic said the teddy is related to a little boy which is pretty obvious from the hat,” said Ms Masterman.

"She told me that Jack [dog] is telling Demo to bring back the teddy, as I used to call him my 'special boy' so I would know that he is okay."

South Wales Argus:

It's uncertain whether this is the cause of Demo's strange behaviour, or whether she just has a fondness for Tatty Teddies.

Recently, a woman donated nine Tatty Teddies which Ms Masterman scattered around the graveyard in the hopes Demo would tire of her life of crime. So far she has brought home at least seven.

You can follow Demo's antics on social media: