Last month's announcement that Liberty Steel would be idling its sites in Newport and Tredegar was a worrying development, and has left a dedicated workforce in a state of real uncertainty.

I'll continue to work with trade unions that represent staff to pursue options available to them at this very difficult time.

Of course Liberty has has its specific issues, and Community union is seeking answers from the company about how their latest announcements square with previous commitments to invest in the business and ramp up production in Newport, Tredegar and elsewhere.

It is clear, however, that there is a wider context, and that Liberty’s announcement again demonstrates the precarious outlook for the steel industry more widely.

I led a recent Westminster Hall debate on the challenges facing our steel industry, highlighting how other governments in Europe have taken far greater action than the UK government to support their domestic steel sectors with issues like decarbonisation and energy prices. Indeed, Liberty specifically mentioned uncompetitive energy costs as a key factor in their recent decision.

During the debate I also spoke out about the government's poor record on procuring UK steel for public infrastructure projects and its lack of a long-term vision for manufacturing on these shores.

As I said in the debate, rather than sticking plasters we need to see a plan. If the Conservative party is not up to the challenge, Labour stands ready to fill the gap and ensure that the steel industry has the bright future it needs and deserves. More than ever, we need our steel.

* It seems that Newport East is becoming quite the hub for the film and television industry.

Previously, I visited Urban Myth Studio where, amongst lots of other shows, Fox TV's War of the Worlds was filmed - that was great, and this month I've paid two other visits to film locations in the constituency.

I can't talk too much about visit number one - yet. When I can, I will - but it was very exciting. For visit number two, I visited Studio Arth to hear about their aspirations to expand their site in the constituency. It was great to meet with the team there to discuss how their sites are already used for filming well-known shows and how they hope to really play a big part in helping develop Newport's burgeoning film and tv industry. Stay tuned for updates!

* I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of David Hando, a real champion for Newport over many decades.

Whether through his work with Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge, as a local councillor, or as a stalwart of his beloved Newport County AFC - the club he played a central role in saving - David's passion for his home city shone through in everything he did. He will be much missed in Newport and beyond.

* The devastating recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have caused loss and hardship on an unimaginable scale, and our thoughts go out to all those affected - including many members of the Turkish Kurdish community here in Newport East. Please do consider giving to the Disaster Emergency Committee Turkey-Syria Appeal at Diolch.