Back in 2005 these Duffryn High School pupils had a time to remember when the set of Doctor Who took over their school.

The school served as a location for the episode School Reunion, which was filmed in August 2005 and shown in 2006.

Even the name of the school in the programme has a resemblance to Duffryn.

The school in the programme, Deffry Vale High, was controlled by an evil head teacher, played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor Anthony Head.

It also marked the reappearance of the Doctor's doggy sidekick, K-9.

In the episode, the alien race the Krillitanes, disguising themselves as school staff including the head teacher, use the minds of children to solve a theory of everything that would allow them to control time and space.

"School Reunion" was the third episode in the second series of Doctor Who starring David Tennant as the Doctor and Billie Piper as his sidekick Rose. It first aired on BBC One on April 29, 2006.